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what women wantWomen Want in a Relationship

It seems that men often struggle to understand what women want in life and in a relationship in general. But the same could be said about women as well. It’s a popular belief that women want…

everything and they can never be pleased, but the truth cannot be further from that. Here is a list of women’s needs and wants that are absolutely vital for their happiness in a relationship and which can completely transform the communication between a man and a woman, leading to more happiness, more trust and a much stronger partnership.

Women want quality attention
What usually happens in an average relationship is a woman who wants attention and a man who is too busy to provide it. The problem is that what men see as giving attention is very different from the woman’s point of view. Women need quality attention, not half-attention. Spending time with a woman doesn’t necessarily equal giving her the attention she needs. When it comes to women, quality prevails over quantity. What women want is a man who would show genuine interest in her life, listen to her for half an hour a day and comfort her when she needs it the most.

Women want intimacy too
Despite popular belief, women want just as much intimacy as men do, but in more various forms. A simple touch, some words of affirmation, a massage after a long day or a simple hug can do wonders for a woman. What many men fail to understand is that most women want to feel just two basic emotions – the feeling of simple everyday happiness and the feeling of safety. A man can provide these easily by just being there, at the moment, completely present and giving.

Women need a safe place to land
Modern times have definitely turned many women into hardworking and constantly busy individuals with little to no time for themselves. Women have to take care of their education, work, home, children and men and do it well. It’s a tough job and no wonder why so many of them seem depressed or frustrated most of the time. The good news is that a man can actually fix his woman’s bad mood by offering her a safe place to land once in a while. Women need to feel a masculine presence, opportunities to laugh more often and reassurance so they can relax and be feminine. No woman wants to work harder than a man, despite the claims of feminists.

Women want real friendship from their men
No relationship can survive without communication and trust and it’s tough for a woman to feel that her friends understand her better than her significant other. Men might not see it always, but what women want from their partner is in fact genuine friendship – a partnership that simply feels right and both partners can support one another in every single aspect of their life.


These are the little secrets to winning a woman’s heart and ensuring a long-lasting relationship.

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