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It has been difficult to answer the question what do women want. Many have gone on to read manuals while others have given up and prefer letting things unfold themselves. I do not know who chose the right path…

We are all aware of how complicated women can get, but that is the beauty of it all. You only need to know the basic common things that all women want and work your way through them.


Among what do women want lists available, compliments tops the lists. It is very important to compliment a woman. You will notice how happy and excited she gets. They become appreciative and even warm up to you. Once you wonder again what do women want, get those compliments passed to her. Even as women like compliments do not exaggerate or overdo it. Let it be simple and sincere, flattery is not a way of complimenting someone.


You can also add cuddling to answer your question on what do women want. It is simple. Women love cuddles especially from special people. If you find her, sad or discouraged cuddle her. You do not have to get into the sheets; just make her feel loved and special. We all cuddle those cute sweet babies; same way let us cuddle our women. It is what they want. Remember cuddling creates a connection and strengthens your love.


Women want to be treated with utmost respect. It is very offensive to women when they feel you do not respect them. You keep wondering “what do women want” and yet you take them for granted. You might wonder for the rest of your life. There is this thing called appreciation. You will need to practice and show it to them. It may be her duty to do the house chores or your laundry but appreciate that she does it. Tell her that you appreciate her work and that you would not have done it. Let the women see that you respect and appreciate their work for you, besides not all women do the house chores, some cannot even cook. If yours gets a meal ready for you when you get home, appreciate her! She does not have to do it.


Another item on the popular what do women want list is space. Women always need their space and privacy. Avoid crowding and suffocating them. This is what actually leads to nagging. Let her have her time alone. Just let her be. It will help you need each other so that you connect deeper without one feeling bullied. It does not mean that they do not love you, but we know that men always have time for themselves even at the bar. Women want that too.


As much as it has been discussed, this issue still does not leave the minds of many. Women only want very simple things. We have more for you at Use them as hints to knowing what women want. We make life easier for you.



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Newstalk - The Moncrieff Show

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