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Social anxiety at some point has been regarded as a disorder. Many people become very self-conscious at social situations like at interviews or when giving speeches. It is referred to as social phobia…

There is so much on how to overcome social anxiety. Read wide and you will have a few tips. Social anxiety is more than mere shyness. The fear of embarrassing yourself becomes so intense that you avoid any situations that may cause it. You do not allow yourself to learn through mistakes. It prevents you from having fun by laughing at your embarrassing moments and getting past them.


Social anxiety is caused by different factors. Certain situations trigger social anxiety. When dealing with how to overcome social anxiety, you may want to find out the causes or situations that affect that person. Start by evaluating these causes and helping them get over the bad attitude towards them. Learn to invest in positive thoughts. Positivity builds good attitude towards something. It will help you see these same situations from a different perspective. This goes a long way.


Involve yourself in exercises. Exercise helps to relax the body muscles. It helps to fight anxiety. A wonderful idea on how to overcome social anxiety is having breathing exercises. You can invest in this one even when you find yourself in that situation that you deem unfavorable. Breathing exercise helps to keep you calm in social situations. Take a few seconds to inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Hold your breath for two seconds. These exercises can be done before giving a speech. It can be used just before taking a test or interview. It only takes few seconds of your time. People might not even take notice of you.


Do not avoid nerve-wracking situations. It will give you short-term benefits but in the end more problems to your social life. It goes on to destroy your social life. Learn how to overcome social anxiety by dealing with those social situations. Participate in these situations with a positive mind. It gives you positive attitude towards it. You will then appreciate your effort. Do not be too hard on yourself if you do not achieve your goal; rather try again when you have the chance. This boosts your self-esteem and confidence, which come in handy in social situations.


Take time to deal with social anxiety. It does not go away overnight. Take it a step at a time. As you learn how to overcome social anxiety, be patient with yourself. Get back up and try again. Do not mind being evaluated and judged. Learn from your mistakes and appreciate criticism. Take it positively and do not let it take you down. Be strong willed as you learn how to overcome social anxiety.


It is my great pleasure to help you up that anxiety ladder. Check us out at Learn how to deal with it and get yourself back on track. We are happy to see you enjoying your social life.



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Newstalk - The Moncrieff Show

South East Radio - The Morning Mix