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Talking to a girl for the first time can be much disappointing. You can talk to a girl for the first time and all you get is a “bolt from the blue”. Suddenly the girl can throw some insults continuously on you depending…

on how you talk to her the first time. You should know how to talk to girls when you meet them for the first time. You should observe the following traits:



  1. Be respectful towards girls

You should respect a girl while you are talking to her. Ensure you keep the distance as you talk to her. What you talk should portray respect. Many girls like to be respected no matter what. What fails many guys is being too shabby and careless when you are placing any comment to a girl. This way a girl could hate you much as far as you continue chasing her. She would claim that you are being disrespectful to her. That’s why respect should be observed when talking to girls on first date.



  1. Be confident or direct towards girls

It means that you have to be clear and frank on anything you tell to the girl. Don’t cheat on anything. What fails many guys is giving exaggerated and false information. For instance many cheat on their past relationships or about their families. If you have kids you should tell the girl before the relationship progresses further. Some do cheat on their work position. Afterwards the girl discovers the true and she can break up with the guy soon.



  1. Be humorous and funny

Don’t be too formal when you are intending to date a girl for the first time. Otherwise being too formal seems too old-fashioned and boring. And anyway can you like somebody who is boring and never makes any funny comment?



  1. Have a backup plan or a rear plan

Many guys don’t know how to talk to girls. This is because they already don’t have a back up plan. They don’t know the reason for talking to a girl. When talking to a girl you should know what you plan to tell her. Don’t tell her some shabby things. You should avoid some careless and unplanned conversation. Girls can get upset if you tell them something stupid for instance when you tell a girl that she is short, too skinny or too big.  This shows recklessness.



  1. Avoid anxiety and shyness

A lot of guys don’t how to talk to girls or to approach beautiful girls. Many are shy or anxious while approaching girls. For instance a guy can sweat off while taking to a certain girl for the first time. Some do fiddle their fingers. This does not show a good picture of the guy.  Imagine you went out with the guy who is shy? Would you bare his shyness while she is greeting your friends? Therefore guys you should that anxiety and shyness. Be straightforward and strong so that you can put your point to the girl in a direct manner.



To get more information on how to talk to girls first time you can sign up to this website It gives theory coaching on the best ways on how to talk to girls. Most people who have signed up with the site have praised the site as having helped them successfully know how to talk to girls. And further have succeeded to make girls fall for them.




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