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mens-fashion-tipsMen’s Fashion Tips

Are you one of those handsome hunks who have got a bright flashing smile, cheeky looks and sturdy body but yet single? Then, examine yourself once more. What is missing my friend? Let me enlighten you…

It’s now high time to elevate your fashion wisdom and make some changes in your wardrobe. We are here to indorse some men’s fashion tips in you and to get you a date or may be a girlfriend.


Along with all the other very important traits and features your looks matter a lot. And your looks rely greatly upon what you wear and how much you integrate fashion into it keeping in consideration what suits you the best.


Wear trendy but right:

Buy and wear what suites you and in which you are comfortable. Your outfit – if you are after impressing a woman – should be up-to-the-minute, sophisticated and classy. It must have that charm to attract the eye of a woman. Usually, females go for men who look decent with no funky attire. Your dress makes you look mature which a lady seeks in her love.


Smell Good:

Men’s Fashion Tips includes the way you smell. In a party or at the pub when you take a seat beside a single woman and you’re sure that you look smoking but still the woman walks away. Man! Smell yourself.


Spend a bit on your perfume and cologne because a lady might get ready to dance with you because of the fragrance that follows when you sway on the music. It actually works!


Well-shaved face:

A woman might not want to grant a second look to a face full of hair. Get your beard and whiskers in proper shape and be up to date. On the other hand, it gives your face that settled and matured look which might give that red head beauty over there, a tingly feeling in her stomach for you. You may well earn a phone number.



Usually, when we hear the word accessories we think of women. But, men have their own accessories which make them look cool. Wear a good quality watch. It SHOULD NOT be gaudy and jazzy but sophisticated and stylish. Wear some decent chain and may be a goggle if its day time. Make sure you do not overdo it but do not skip it either because we provide you Men’s fashion tips to make you look charming to those wonderful ladies out there.


Hair Style:

Most men are normally very touchy about their hair styles. You should choose a pleasant hair style which suites your body stature and makes you look fresh and clad. Go see your barber and get an expert advice.


All these men’s fashion tips can make you look pleasing to the eyes of your to be lover. Our website can guide you to even more ideas. Log on to and get yourself acquainted to better and more alluring dating tips. Your woman will love you and you will love yourself. Because we are here to help you improve so get up and get going.



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Newstalk - The Moncrieff Show

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