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Making a girl want you is a skill. Women look for different things in a man nevertheless; there are common ground rules on how to make her want you. Men have tried figuring out what women want all their lives…

It is understandable considering it is women. The general things that women seek in a man are kindness, gentleness, confidence and fun .Girls like confident men. It shows they can get things done. They do not like timid men. Women can only know your qualities if you show them. How will you do that without confidence?


Another tip on how to make her want you is gentleness. Be considerate. Take time to listen to her. Give her good company after a long day. Girls appreciate when a man treats them with respect. They love to see a gentle side of men. You wonder how to make her want you yet you never take time to appreciate her. Do those little things that matter to her, she will highly appreciate and like you the more.


Good hygiene has been mentioned enough times. It should be in your list of tips on how to make her want you. Girls are fascinated with a clean man. They want men who can take care of themselves. They like well-groomed men. Dress appropriately in clean clothing. Personal hygiene cannot be over emphasized. Brush your teeth and have your showers. It makes you approachable. Have some deodorant on you, better still some nice cologne. Girls have this thing for scents; do not ask why we like wearing your hoodie…


Do not let out all your cards. Girls like adventure so please do not hold on to some routine. Those aside, please have your own life. Just as men do not appreciate clingy or needy women, it is understood for the women too. There is no better tip on how to make her want you than this. She will want you around more because she will see you have a life outside her. This is an added advantage for you. Women like interesting and surprising men.


Be real with her. There are enough fake people in this world. She will feel comfortable and want you around her. Be yourself because girls appreciate it. You keep thinking of how to make her want you yet you do not let her know you. It is very disappointing to deal with a faked persona. Love and present yourself as you are. She will definitely want you. Have fun with her so she will want you every time. Choose from the many tips on how to make her want you. It should be easy as it is the simple things that matter…


This issue has been raised both in relationships and before relationships. We have provided more suggestions at Share with us your ideas on the same. Check out some advice a few girls have shared. Some points from a few experts are available. We want it easy for you.



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Newstalk - The Moncrieff Show

South East Radio - The Morning Mix