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Irish Times Dating

According to the Irish Times Dating website, their mission is to “create a fun and engaging online dating community for Irish people to connect to each other, find that someone special or to enrich their social lives This dating site is aimed specifically at Irish people…

Online dating sites have become more popular in recent years. People are becoming increasingly busy, with less time available to meet suitable partners. Additionally, online dating makes finding like-minded people easier. A simple search for shared interests gives subscribers a variety of people to chat with. They can chat from the comfort of their own home, getting to know people before meeting them in person.


Irish Times Dating is the largest Irish owned and run online dating service. They offer people the chance to meet others for “fun and friendship or love and romance.” Since 2000, nearly 500,000 people have joined the site. According to the site they take steps to make sure that all members are real people. People often feel that they do not have the opportunity to meet others, as they do not want to meet a partner in a club or bar. Some are simply too busy to go out and meet people.


Online dating sites like Irish Times Dating bring men and women together for friendship, relationships and marriage. In contrast, dating coaching companies like Kama Lifestyles give men the skills they need to approach women with confidence. They teach clients that bars and clubs are not the only places where they can meet women. As a part of their training, they demonstrate how to meet women in everyday places, like stores, or even in the street. Learning how to attract women means that their clients choose who they would like to date in person. While online dating should not be discounted as a means to meet prospective partners, people often do not realise how many opportunities they have to meet others each day.


Irish Times Dating caters specifically to Irish users, with registered users in nearly every town and city in Ireland. While dating coaching company Kama Lifestyles is based in Dublin, it serves the entire Ireland, with clients coming to polish their dating skills for far and wide. Clients learn how to improve their confidence and social skills, helping them to relate to others. This doesn’t only apply to their dating lives. It also helps them at work and in their relationships with friends. Men learn that strength and confidence is attractive, and the best way to show these qualities is to like themselves, their work and their lives.


Irish Times Dating brings people together through an online platform that gives them the chance to chat and get to know each other before they meet. Kama Lifestyles dating coaching teaches men how to chat to women, creating attraction and intimacy through using body language. They are shown how to control their own body language and the messages they send. Kama Lifestyles coaching is based on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), with qualified coaches teaching clients how to use it in everyday interactions.


While Irish Times Dating gives people the chance to connect, dating coaching with Kama Lifestyles shows them how to make connections in person. The company offers seminars and boot camps. The theory they teach is supplemented with practical demonstrations in the field. Clients are taken to a venue of their choice where the techniques they have learned is demonstrated by the coaches before they are given a chance to practise them themselves. Clients are given feedback and advice throughout the course of the session in order to make sure they complete the training with improved skills and abilities. Irish Times Dating may give them an added opportunity to meet people, but they will also have the ability to meet women in person.


If you would like to learn more about the art of attraction and how meet your ideal partner, check out our website on You can visit our testimonials page and listen to our audio interviews on the media page. We are here to help you so let the change begin today!


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