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We have heard most men in our lives say this. Sometimes when you visit your male friend and his place is a mess, he will probably say, “I need a woman” This has happened to me a number of times…

When I visit a friend’s place and he rants on how much he is struggling with cooking, I always end up telling him he needs a woman. This phrase has been used by men especially those who find chores a stress. It is understandable. Women are very important in men lives. They are able to organize them.


When a man says I need a woman, it means there is no woman in his life. As a man, you need to try to convince a woman why you are worth her attention. You will need to get her to trust you and want to be with you. You will need to work on a few things here and there to invite her into your life. It is common to hear men say I need a woman who will take care of me, who will love and appreciate me.


Men need women in their lives. They want women who will inspire them and help them up the ladder. I need a woman to be always by her man’s side. She should support him in all he does. Women form a strong backbone for men, I mean good women. When a man has the support of his woman, he tends to be strong willed in everything. He forms a positive attitude towards life. The power of a woman ina man’s life is quite immense.


As much as has been said about women supporting men, I need a woman to do the same for herself. It is great when a woman is able to meet her own needs without relying on others. I am talking about that independent woman who can properly take care of her family and herself. Men appreciate and adore a self-reliant woman. It is said that men feel threatened by a successful woman. It may be so, but great men are able to see beyond that. It may be true, but there are such women who still find space in their lives for great relationships.


I need a woman who knows her worth. This is a wish by many men. Men do not like nagging and insecure women. They like and respect confident women, women who love themselves as they are. They are attracted to women who appreciate themselves. They like women who are mature both physically and emotionally. These women are able to speak about their feelings in an honest and responsible manner. They help their men understand them in a better manner.


Once a woman appreciates who she is and realizes the power within her, she becomes a gem not only to her man but herself as well. She becomes a gift to the society especially fellow women. This deep conversation goes on at our website



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Newstalk - The Moncrieff Show

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