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You are happy and excited that you have found someone special. You are however confused on what date ideas to follow. The stereotypical dinner and movie idea will soon go with the wind. It is among the many good first date ideas

However, it gets boring when it is all you can do. First dates are very tricky especially since you are still trying to impress each other. Remember to dress appropriately, for whichever date ideas you decide to choose. This is another day’s discussion.


There are very many good first date ideas available from all sources. Your friends can help you choose a suitable one. Dates are different from each other. There are blind dates and dates with people you have already met. Before picking a certain idea, ensure you consider this factor. It will guide you through the available good first date ideas.


We have the type known as outdoor first date ideas. This group of good first date ideas is composed of a few other ideas. Taking a walk is a good first date idea. It creates a relaxed environment where you are easily able to hold conversations. It is simple and does not require setting up unlike the common dinner thing. It allows bonding between the two of you. The idea is to leave your date wanting more. This idea is interesting and different. It may even surprise your date, which is something good I think…Just enjoy each other’s company.


Going to a movie is becoming worn out in the world of good first date ideas. However, this can change if you may have areas that offer outdoor movies like in drive-ins. This will be different and may actually earn you another date. You can create your own picnic. Picnics are classic good first date ideas. They give you some quality time together and you are able to hold your conversations without interruptions. It is simple and does not need you to use a lot of money. You can use take-out quick eats. There should be no fuss at all. Get to know a little more about each other.


Boating is also among the good first date ideas. You may pay for the service so that you are able to focus on each other. Enjoy your time together. You can have fun by paddling or playing in the water. Have some quality time. Make as much fun as you can. Make sure, when you are done for the day, each of you will be looking forward to another date. Find something that is simple, unique and fun. Join your date for some exercise. You can have an evening run together. It allows you to share how your day has been. You will bond more.


Not even mentioned the other groups of good first date ideas. We have so much to share from our website. Check out www.kamalifestyles.comyou will be amazed how simple yet intriguing these ideas are.



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Newstalk - The Moncrieff Show

South East Radio - The Morning Mix