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Have you lost your girl and keep wondering how to get her back? This discussion will definitely help you. I always believe it is never too late. You have to give it a shot however bad it is. It starts by you…

being certain that you want her back. Things are usually complicated when it is about ex-girlfriends. Be sure that you not only miss her but also want her right back into your life.


In such cases, the man does not have favor in the eyes of his love. With such a situation, she decides to leave and you are left to work on how to get her back. Reach out to her. Remember to apologize if you hurt her. It is not time for battling each others pride. Focus on wanting to win her once again. You can do this by sending flowers or a card. It will open a channel for communication. It will ease up the tension existing between the two of you. She will appreciate you trying to work things out.


As you work on how to get her back, consider the effects of your actions. Let your actions speak louder than your words. She will check how sincere you are. She will look into your intentions. She will fight back and reject your advances at some point. Do not give up on her. It is definite you need to do a lot more convincing. Keep trying until she lets her guard down. This however does not encourage you to bully her into returning. Respect her space and let her get over whatever problem is involved.


Prioritize her if you are thinking of how to get her back. Help her in any situation she finds herself. If she calls on you to help with something, do it. Remember that out of sight, out of mind. Do not act so busy that you cannot return her calls. It is not about your ego. If you make your pride as your number one then forget getting her back. If you are helpful to her, chances are that her pain goes away with time.


If you are serious on how to get her back, talk it out with her. Let her know that you miss her and want her back. Have time to go over the problem without any blame game. You might want to do more listening than her. Console her if she breaks down at this moment. Remember your actions will either make or break the situation. Focus on convincing her to come back to you. As you talk, be sure to mention the change you purpose on making and show that you need her while at it.


Dealing with a break up is a very tough thing. Many people decide to fight for their love than losing it all. We have more tips for you at We are glad to help you win your girl back. Remember to share with us once you do.



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Newstalk - The Moncrieff Show

South East Radio - The Morning Mix