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It is a common trend in various areas to see older men dating younger women. This has however received mixed reactions. Some people find it strange and a thing they cannot comprehend while others do not…

mind it at all. Others are somewhat activists for the same. Is it really a big deal for an older man to date a younger woman?


The prejudice involved in older men dating younger women is the gold digger notion. Most people think that the younger woman is after the old man’s wealth. Well in most cases, it is true, but anyway does it matter if the man is happy? No, it does not. He will gladly change his will for her. I think some matters do not require complains, not unless you are family or friend.


Sometimes the reason behind older men dating younger women is their thirst for young love. Young love brings along some youthfulness. It is known to change people’s attitude towards life. It has been noted to bring life to an old man’s life. They feel rejuvenated and actually enjoy their lives a lot more. You will notice how happy an older man seems just because he is dating a younger woman. You will notice how excited he is about life. This is okay let him be happy!


It is also clear that the idea of older men dating younger women is not a fad. It is here to stay with us for as long as need be. Time has passed since people started complaining and making stands against it. As time passes there will be no attention given to the same. It will go unnoticed that a certain older man is dating a younger woman, At least it seems that way.


Another probable reason behind older men dating younger women may be the woman’s interest. Some women prefer dating quite older men. They prefer this because these men are serious with relationships; they are financially stable and have more experience with life. Who would not want that? It is a free world and everyone has that right to do what makes him or her happy. These women may have been hurt in other relationships or just like this option. Some women just like to try new ideas in their dating world. People like to spice their lives in all manners.


You will however notice that this issue of older men dating younger women has caused rifts in different families. In most cases, families of those involved put up resistance to this kind of dating. You will notice that others argue and fight about it. Many would rather remain conservative. If it makes you happy, go on and enjoy dating.


We like to pass judgment to people with this dating arrangement yet it is not about us but them. Lately, age is just a number and not a factor in dating. We have more thoughts for you at Check out what others think about it. It gets interesting…



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Newstalk - The Moncrieff Show

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