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Conversation starters with girlsConversation starters with girls

Starting a conversation with a girl can be a daunting task. It will decide whether you will have her attention. There are common conversation starters with girls such as “hey, what’s up” This with…

time gets boring especially if used often. Play with words to start a conversation and keep it flowing. Use unique conversation starters to start an interesting conversation. Girls enjoy interesting conversations. I do not know how you will please her with a bad conversation starter.

Conversation starters with girls should be open. This will help avoid tongue curling. It keeps a conversation going since it is open. You can use questions to show you are interested in knowing a little more. Make sure the questions are not the closed type. Do not keep asking too many questions lest it comes off as an interrogation. Try contributing as she answers. She will see that you are listening which will make her want to talk to you. You can pass a few comments as she talks to you. You can try teasing her as well but make sure it does not offend her.


Find out what she likes to do. Let it be your conversation starter. Conversation starters with girls are not definite. Find something relevant at that time and start the conversation. You can always start by introducing yourself. Exchange pleasantries and pass a compliment to her. She will be glad to talk to you. I have never liked the idea of using cheesy pick up lines. It is better having a nice simple conversation than trying so hard that she finds it weird. It shows that you are practicing lines that you have taken time to read. This kills any chance of having a conversation with the girl.


The most effective conversation starters with girls are always the simplest ones. Striking a good conversation with a girl can be daunting. Just be yourself. What matters is how you present yourself in a conversation. This is evident from her expressions. Be watchful of a girls sigh. Say honest things to her. Even as you use a compliment as a starter please let it be genuine. Situations happen around us that push us to talk with each other. This can be very good conversation starters with girls. You will be amazed how comfortable she will get.


Some girls like flattery however not all like it. Restrain yourself from flattering, it may ruin your chances. You can try being appreciative. A sincere word of appreciation can earn you a wonderful chat session with a girl. Keep it simple so it does not sound like a flatter. This will get a conversation started. She will be interested to talk to you.


Great conversation starters with girls are those that are honest and simple. Keep it composed so you do not have absurd behavior while wanting to talk to her. Check out our website for more on conversation starters. We have some unique conversation starters that will keep you going.



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