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Ask on First Date

The first date is supposed to be fun enough to guarantee you a second date. Sometimes the questions to ask on a first date need to be random ones. They should be questions that allow each of you to talk about themselves…

Listen to each other’s answers so you are able to learn a few things about each other. Some questions may be lame and lead to a boring conversation and a ruined date.  This issue needs care lest you ask offensivequestions. You may want to choose questions regarding topics that are less personal. Talk about common things.


A few ideas on questions to ask on a first date suggest that you should choose questions that revolve around your date’s life. Find out the things that matter to them. Ask about the things that influence their lives. Allow them to touch on things that they find annoying. These questions will not only shed light to their lives but also give hints on their traits or attitudes. Such are the questions to ask on a first date. Have fun as you ask the questions and be attentive as they answer. Do your best to balance the situation so that each of you gets a chance to ask and answer the questions.


It is also suggested that when choosing questions to ask on a first date, be attentive to your dates reaction. You will understand how they feel about that particular question. It will guide you on what areas to avoid. The choice of questions to ask on a first date needs to be well thought. We do not want to see our dates walk out on us because they feel disrespected or offended. Take time to think before you ask a particular question. That is why it is safer to choose common topics even though this may get boring.


Once you realize your date is uncomfortable with a particular question, please let them be. Do not pressure them. Allow them their privacy, they will feel comfortable with time. Do not choose to bully them. Refrain from insisting for an answer. It becomes nagging, which will definitely ruin your date. The questions to ask on a first date should be about getting to know each other. They should never be interrogation sessions. They should never seem to dig up skeletons from one’s life.


Other ideas suggest that you may get questions to ask on a first date using compliments. Do not be afraid to compliment your date on something you notice. Work your way through this to start a conversation that keeps you both happy and comfortable. You will feel relaxed with time. You may for example compliment him on his scent then ask about colognes he likes.


There are unlimited questions you can ask on your first date. Make it enjoyable by turning it into a game. This should help you relax and enjoy each other’s company. Check us out on We have some guides for you.



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